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Our Science

KatheraBio’s antifungal technology targets cellular enzymes that play an essential role in pathways regulating fungal growth and pathogenicity. Chemical genomic experiments indicate that the enzymes are also critically important for fungal cell wall biosynthesis and/or stress responses. We believe that targeting these cellular enzymes and pathways will lead to opportunities to develop innovative next generation antifungal monotherapies, or agents that can be used in combination therapies to synergistically treat infections caused by drug-resistant fungi.  To learn more about our science, contact us.

Our Management Team

Keith A Bostian PhD

Founder, Board Member, Acting-CEO

Stephen Parent PhD

Founder, Acting Board Member, Vice President, Business Strategy & Development

Steven Hanes PhD

Founder, Acting Board Member, Chief Scientific Officer

Robert McLaughlin PhD

Founder, Acting - Vice President, Research and Development

James Balkovec PhD

Founder, Acting - Vice President, Chemistry

Our Scientific Advisory Board

Steven Hanes PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

Dave Perlin
David Perlin PhD

Chief Scientific Officer/Senior Vice President, Hackensack Meridian Health, Discovery & Innovation

ken bartizal
Ken Bartizal PhD

Chief Development Officer(Consulting), Cidara Therapeutics & President K&D Consulting

Our Consultants Advisory Board

Ving Lee PhD

Founding Consultant (Medicinal Chemist, VJL Med Chem Consultants LLC)

Michael S. Cosgrove PhD

Structural Biologist, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Department, SUNY-Upstate Medical University

Richard Tschirret-Guth PhD

Enzymologist, DMPK Chemist, Living Water DMPK Consulting LLC

Licensing and Corporate Development Advisors

Thomas Richardson PhD

President, ILSE

Ajay Kumar PhD

Vice President Project & Alliance Mnagement, ILSE

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