Discovering Novel
antifungal Therapies

Kathera Bioscience is developing therapies to treat fungal infections that are a major cause of human disease due to rising numbers of infections globally. KatheraBio aims to develop novel, broad spectrum drugs to overcome the limitations of current treatment options.

Developing Cutting Edge Antifungal Therapies

Fungal Infections are a major cause of human disease. An estimated 11.5 million (M) people suffer from life-threatening infections globally, resulting in more than 1.5M deaths annually and infections of the skin, nail and hair are estimated to affect ~1 billion (B) people globally (Review). The four classes of antifungal drugs to treat life-threatening infections have limitations, including toxicity, drug-drug interactions, inconvenient dosing, and increasing incidence of resistance. There is an urgent need to discover and develop the next generation of antifungal drugs. The growing threat of drug-resistant fungi prompted the US Centers of Disease Control to add drug resistant Candida spp., Aspergillus fumigatus and C. auris to its “Serious”, “Watch List” and “Urgent Threats” in their 2019 ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE THREATS REPORT (Report).

Kathera Bioscience Inc. has assembled a world class team of industry experts, advisors, consultants, and academic leaders, and innovative proprietary technology to develop the next generation of antifungal drugs. The team has expertise in fungal biology and decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, as well as academia. The team’s expertise spans all aspects of pharma and biotech Research & Development including target identification and validation, lead identification, lead optimization, preclinical development, and project management. 

The KatheraBio antifungal technology targets novel fungal enzymes for which there are no FDA-approved drugs on the market. We believe that a drug inhibiting our molecular target can be used as monotherapy or in combination with existing antifungal drugs to treat infections caused by drug-resistant fungi.

Incubated in ILSE, New Jersey

KatheraBio is located within the Institute for Life Science Entrepreneurship (ILSE) in Union, New Jersey. ILSE is a non-profit 501(c)(3) research institute supporting the creation of life-science companies in the New Jersey region and helping existing businesses expand and succeed.

ILSE provides incubator space for 6-8 start-up companies, a central services lab offering in-house research services, an external network of laboratories providing a full suite of discovery to IND services, and a network of consultants with a full range of drug R&D expertise.

Through ILSE, KatheraBio benefits from a rich intellectual environment where scientific innovation thrives and collaboration in the biopharmaceutical industry is fostered.

Fully Equipped for scientific research
Flexible and Custom Lab Space
Fostering Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Located in Union, New Jersey, ILSE is a premier life-sciences incubator, accelerator and research facility.

Partner with Us

Kathera Bioscience understands that collaboration and partnerships are essential for solving challenging technical and scientific problems in drug discovery and development. Our network of industry and academic experts share our mission to develop novel, next generation antifungal drugs, and we are grateful for their support. The company is built on collaborative relationships and alliances, and we believe this is the best, most productive, and cost-effective path to developing novel medicines.  We seek partners to help us advance our programs in discovery and development.  We are also interested in innovative opportunities in antifungal drug development.

If you would like to discuss partering with KatheraBio, we would be delighted to speak with you.  For more information about partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Our Partners

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